EESTEC AGH Krakow is the first Local Committee of EESTEC in Poland. Our beginnings date back to 1998, when we started as a part of the scientific group of Electronics. In 2007 we separated from them and registered our organization at the AGH University of Science and Technology. Since then, we have been constantly growing in size, putting our ideas into effect and spreading the EESTEC Spirit in Krakow.

Every year we organise a few workshops for domestic and foreign students focused on soft skills or connected with our faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science and Electronics. Our goal is to develop inter-cultural contacts between students, give them opportunity to gain comprehensive knowledge and adapt them to the current labour market expectations by being involved in our projects.

Our Local Projects: Soft Skills Academy Whole week full of workshops about team building, time management, motivation, public speaking, persuasion etc. It is a huge opportunity for students to develop their soft skills, not only during short workshops but also during 16 hours long HARD-workshops.

Hacknarok - Hackathon 24 hours programming marathon for students groups. The goal is to prepare working prototype using skills such as programming skills, knowledge of electronics, mechanics and automatics.

Academic Projects Fair (in Polish: Targi Projektów Akademickich) Event for the most talented students where they can present their ideas and works to companies. Great opportunity to get money for developing their projects or to find well paid job.

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For any information you can contact us via malgorzata.szulc[at]